Fishing Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Al & Bob’s knowledgeable staff provides quality service and can restore your fishing gear to excellent condition. For generations, we have carried quality fishing products geared towards local fishing needs. Have your knife sharpening, rod repair and parts replacement, reel repair, and auger blade sharpening handled by professionals.
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Knife Sharpening

Our experienced staff sharpens a variety of knife styles and brands, excluding serrated blades. On knives featuring a serrated and a straight edge, we will sharpen the flat face. In some cases, we can service customers quickly and return a restored blade while they wait, but most knives need to be left in the store for two to three days.

Rod Repair & Replacement

In case of equipment injury, rest assured knowing our skillful repair team offers affordable rod repair services. Usually, our clients are back on the water within a week of drop off. Our staff can fix all of your fishing equipment, including broken rods, reels, guides, and tips. Most guide replacements can be done while you wait and only cost $3.64.

Keep in mind that every job is different, and our prices are subject to change, but repairs for a broken rod generally cost between $8 and $10, and guide replacements cost between $6 and $8.

Reel Repair

We sell and repair various top reel brands, including Trolling, Baitcast, Spinning, and Spincast. Repairs usually take between two and three weeks after drop off, but wait times also depend on the parts required for restoration. These repairs are similarly affordable, within a range of $6 to $20, depending on needed parts.

To ensure the quality of our repairs, we ask all clients to drop off any damaged equipment at the store. This allows our repair team to be certain of all order specifications.

Auger Blade Sharpening

For ice fishing, we sharpen Mora Model MD, Eskimo HD, and other straight blade configurations for only $7. We do not provide services for Laser style blades. Wait time is two days, although the auger blade may be serviced while you wait.

In addition to our fishing services, Al & Bob’s also provides hunting and archery services. For these or any of your outdoor needs, visit a store or call us at (616) 281-0777 today.