Archery Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Al & Bob’s Sports has four bow technicians with decades of experience in setup, tuning, and other routine maintenance. Our team is more than happy to order specific parts and accessories.

Our archery staff can diagnose and fix any problem with your crossbow, compound bow, or traditional set up to get it back in working order.

Al & Bob’s Archery Services Include:
  • Paper tuning
  • Bow tuning
  • String replacement
  • Sight installations
  • Rest installations
  • Peep sight installation
  • String reserve
  • Adjustments & repairs
  • Arrow fletching
  • Arrow cutting
  • Red dot scope setup
  • And more…

Archery Tip

A big mistake people often make is not taking care of their strings and cables. Be sure to check you bow over before every shooting session to be sure your strings and cables are in proper working order.

Another big mistake people make when they sight in their bows is not getting the bow tuned beforehand. Paper tuning is a great way to make sure your arrows are flying properly out of your bow. This will greatly improve the accuracy of your setup!

Always tune your bow before you sight in your bow for optimum speed and accuracy. Our paper tuning price runs only $25 and can save you huge headaches come October.

We charge a $5 installation.

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